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Send Automated Sequences & Follow-Ups - $297 Value!

Have ProfitMail send emails automatically to people from the moment they sign up!


Built-In Analytics - $197 Value!

Track how well your campaigns are performing and even split-test emails to segments!


List Cleaner - $397 Value!

Keep your list fresh & massively increase in-boxing!


DFY High Converting Email Swipes - $297 Value!

Use our copy/paste, high converting emails for guaranteed conversions!


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Unlock Automated Follow-ups and Sequences - $297 Value

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You get the ability to automatically send follow-ups and sequences to a subscriber as soon as they opts in. That means you configure the follow-ups once and let ProfitMail automatically email your subscribers, on complete autopilot , every day...creating truly passive income for you.

  • Create follow-ups and sequences
  • Have ProfitMail automatically send emails for you
  • Truly passive, hands-free email marketing
  • All with the push of a button!

In-House Automated List Cleaner - $397 Value

You’re getting our in-house List Cleaner that cleans your list professionally with just 1 click, removing duplicate & invalid email.

Not just that, but you can automatically remove people who never open your emails. That means you save money, your email hits the inbox each and every time and we keep you OUT of the SPAM folder.

  • Remove duplicates &invalid emails
  • Keep your list fresh & out of the SPAM folder
  • Automatically remove people who don’t open your emails
  • All with the push of a button!

Research and CRUSH Your Competition - $197 Value


ProfitMail PRO comes with built-in analytics so you can always track how well your campaigns are performing, so you KNOW what needs to be improved.

See your open rate, click rate and bounce rate for every campaign, watch what's the best hour to email your leads and when they are more likely to open an email.

Finally you get the ability to create list segments, so you can send one email to a part of your list, and a different one to another part so you can test the results and see which one performed better, giving you unprecedented insight into what’s working in email marketing.

In email marketing, DATA is POWER, and you're getting both with ProfitMail PRO!

  • Get open rates, click rates and bounce rates for each email
  • Know when is the bext time of day/night to email your subscribers
  • Split test to list segments to further improve open rates
  • All with the push of a button!

30x DFY Emails - $297 Value

We’re including thirty, yes 30 done-for-you email campaigns that have crushed it for us, that you can just copy/paste straight into ProfitMail and start emailing immediately with guaranteed high conversions and a ton of sales.

We're taking all the guesswork OUT of writing the email, so you can just sit back and enjoy passive profits!

  • 9 Promotional Emails
  • 21 Relationship Building Emails
  • Guaranteed push-button conversions & sales
  • All with the push of a button!

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  • Send automated follow-ups!
  • Explode in-boxing with our list-cleaner!
  • Built-in Analytics!
  • 30x Hi-Converting DFY Email Swipes!

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Igor Burban - Successful WordPress Developer & Marketer

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Art Flair - Successful Online Entrepreneur

“When I say that ProfitMail rocks, I mean it 100%!
Recently, I was with a 'mainstream' autoresponder and I couldn't believe that my deliverability was 2.58% on a recent email promotion. Everything was ending up either in the spam or promo folder.
After using ProfitMail, my first email got a 13.68% response and a small promo to a list of 870 people produced an extra $600 in just a couple of days...that's with the same list I mentioned above!
I don't know what 'secret sauce' ProfitMail is using, but I'm not going anywhere else!”

Victory Akpomedaye - 6 Figure Marketer & Coach

“If you do any type of email marketing, this is one of the most useful tools you can have at your fingertips. Just one of the many features available on this platform is worth the price of the software. ProfitMail is a fantastic alternative for ALL email marketers out there...I strongly advise you to try them out, you won't be sorry!”

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